Studio Cheered: ROAD OF COATS

Zie hier de eerste materiaaltestjes.

Met Studio Cheered schrijf ik elke week een kunstwerk. Af en toe post ik er hier ook een. Voor meer zie:

ROAD OF COATS Back in the day, if there was a puddle of mud, a gentleman took off his coat and laid it down as a bridge for a woman’s feet. But we live in modern times. Drainage makes no puddles and pavement makes no mud. Courtesy became insult the moment we started splitting bills. But if someone treats you as precious as you are, it’s so nice and overwhelming. So here is the big gesture, because a small one seems impossible. The street is broken open, sand is waiting to become mud. I love how we replaced the coats with plates, giving it a more industrial, modern, and tough feeling. And I love the destruction it took. The open road, for me, simulates self-sacrifice and effort. This is why we also show the working materials: pipes, machines, and stones. Chivalry is tough these days.