Met Studio Cheered schrijf ik elke week een kunstwerk. Af en toe post ik er hier ook een. Voor meer zie: www.studiocheered.net.

Refilled holes in a wall are spread out like freckles on a face. Remember counting those on your lover’s cheeks, neck, and maybe even other places? This wall is a lover too, for it has partaken in many make out sessions. Touched up by a hand seeking support. We created these ‘freckles’ to suggest marks, like wounds that remind you of hurt and the things you want to fight for. I love how they focus slightly on the power socket. As they sing in Grease: ‘it’s electrifying’.

This installation is part of Clues and signals: an exhibition about the daily gaze of Studio Cheered. For more information and the rest of the exhibition, please consult the Amsterdam Fringe Festival Box Office at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, or go to www.amsterdamfringefestival.nl/studiocheered/.